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Like to konw what each member can trade Worldwide...I do:

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  • Sun, Aug 31, 2008 7:58 AM

1.  Gold Bullion, I am Seller Rep

2.  Diamonds, Sometimes Mandate and also Rep

3.  Petroleum, I am Rep

4.  Rice & Tomatoe Products, I am Rep

5.  Cement, I am Rep

Please each member do email me smartcorp007@gmail.com.  This site will be experiencing an inlet of new associates and the activity of the site will increase in the next 30 days.  I do hope that all members are looking forward to participate further and let me know what they sale.  Thanks!

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I see you deal with diamonds and gold.

Do you have a good source for funding against out of ground assets with SKR? What about funding against cash backed bank instruments?

(Good source i.e. it has a track record for performing)

Thank you,

Gary Waldman



 I have a good source for you! Email me at TheProfesh@Hotmail.com for your needs!



 If you have any gold, I have the buyers! Send me what you have! TheProfesh@hotmail.com

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